green squiggle?

The fact that you should never have to replace your Squiggle Glass means that it is more environmentally friendly than alternative writing surfaces available today. Should you wish to move premises and take Squiggle Glass with you then our specialist fitting team can remove the product from your existing location and install it into your new location.

Should you no longer have a requirement for your Squiggle Glass the product is 99% recyclable.

SKA – BREAM – Wellbeing

Squiggle Glass are fully aware of the challenges for Architects and main contractors to achieve SKA and BREAM status on new buildings and refurbishments. We are constantly striving to ensure our product can meet the criteria.

As an example our hook on option product with invisible fixings means that we do not need to use adhesive to fix our product to the wall, this alleviates the use of adhesives being used on site.

Squiggle Glass is also manufactured in the UK which ensures a better carbon footprint to products shipped in from abroad.

We do not use any packaging on our product so there is no waste on site, the armoured corners we use to protect the glass are returned to our factory for use many times over.

What guarantee is offered?

Your Squiggle Glass is yours for life

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