Squiggle Glass - Become and International Partner

Think you could sell Squiggle Glass to businesses in your own country?

How could I get involved?

We have identified enormous potential to expand our operations across the world, and that potential will be maximized through a series of international partnership agreements.

International Partners will replicate our UK business in their own territory, whilst building their own network of sales agents. The successful partner could build an extremely profitable business for a relatively low initial investment, particularly if you already have a strong business network and an operations team.

Squiggle Glass - Become and International Partner

Market Potential

Most cities around the world are filled with fabulous office buildings, business centers, corporate head quarters and hotels with modern meeting rooms. As these are our target customers, we feel that Squiggle Glass offers huge potential for our successful international partner, wherever they are based.

Who are we looking for?

First and foremost, someone who understands and values the quality of Squiggle Glass products. You’ll have a successful business with a proven track record; it is likely that you already operate in the commercial sector with an existing customer base and recognise the considerable growth potential in offering Squiggle Glass products.

In fact, anyone who has an existing client base who would use Squiggle Glass, should seriously consider this opportunity, whether you’re a furniture company, joinery firm, architects or marketing agency!

If you would like to talk to us about worldwide international partnership opportunities with Squiggle Glass, please call Steve Lampshire on +44(0)7585 709 136 or email steve@platinumwave.co.uk

Steve will send you our prospectus and arrange a time for you to talk in more detail about launching Squiggle Glass in your country.

Want to have a chat about out International Partner Programme? Get in touch:

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